Not so minimalist poster remix


For one of remixes I went back to the minimalist poster design I did as a design assignment. The remix was to flip the mood of the assignment. Since this was supposed to be a minimalist design I had to make it the opposite. My way of doing this was to was to add a lot of details to the assignment to make it not minimalist. I wanted to keep it similar to the original so it was a remix and not something new. What I did was add pictures of the stars of the film to the poster to take away from the spinning top symbol that was supposed to represent to the movie. I did this the same way I made the original by using MS paint. I also added more text like Christopher Nolan presents.

This does not belong here (4 stars)


For this assignment we had to mash up two different movies in a way that would make sense. I went with E.T. and Batman. They both have iconic parts that have to do with the sky. In E.T. they have E.T. flying across the sky and in Batman they have the iconic bat symbol. I made a picture of the bat symbol shining on the moon while E.T. flies across. I did this with MS paint. I cut the picture of the bat symbol out of another picture and placed it over the E.T. picture.

Highlight Reels tutorial

One of the video assignments I did was the Highlight Reels Assignment. I noticed that a lot of other people did the assignment so I figured it would be a good one to make a tutorial for since its so popular. Doing this assignment is more than just taking a lot of sports clips and putting them together. You need to find the best plays that this athlete did and put them together in a manner that makes sense. Below is a step by step guide to doing this assignment and making an exciting montage of your favorite athlete:

Step 1: Pick your clips.

You should go on YouTube or another video website and watch some highlights to see which ones you want. Most athletes are going to have a plethora of highlights so you need to pick the best ones, unless you want your video two be a day long.  I recommend using plays that the athlete made that were big and happened in a clutch moment. I used Aaron Rodgers as my athlete so here’s an example where he threw a hail Mary pass in the fourth quarter with no time on the clock. Richard Rodgers ended up catching it and they won the game, it is now known as the miracle in motown.

This is a good example of the plays you would want to use. I would find about fifteen minutes worth of highlights so you you can cut some unnecessary stuff out and get it down to around five minutes.

Step 2: Edit your video.

To edit the video I used windows movie maker. This is a simple video editing software that is free on every PC. It’s easy to use and you can do a lot with it.


Here’s a picture of what it looks like while using movie maker. This is an assignment I did a while ago in ds106. When you upload your clips into movie maker it will show up into a reel like you see above. To shave down some of the video go to the edit tab and use the split tool to split the reel. Place a split at the beginning and end of the section you want to remove, highlight it and click the red x in the home tab to delete it. Do this until you get the clips you want, but leave a little excess (you’ll see why in a little bit).

Step 3: Pick a song.

The song you pick is critical to the video. You should pick something with a lot of energy that makes the video exciting. I think rap music and rock music work very well.

I think this song is a pretty good example of something you could use, but really you could use anything if you edit it right. When you upload the song into movie maker it will show up under the reel and you can edit it too.

Step 4: Put it all together.

Remember when I said to leave some excess video, well here’s why. You want certain parts of your video to line up with certain parts of the song. For example, if somebody is shooting a three point shot you should have a bass line or climactic part play when the ball goes through.

This is another montage I made for ds106. When Ray Allen makes his three at the beginning of the video the song plays. You want to edit your video so it coincides with the flow of the song. This is why it’s good to leave excess on the video at first, so you have some wiggle room to edit with the song in place.

Once, you are done editing you can upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube so everyone can see it. I hope this tutorial helped you out with your assignment.


Ron Swanson Compilation

For this assignment we had to make a compilation of one of our favorite characters from a movie or TV show. My favorite character has to be Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. He’s a anti-government libertarian that happens to work for the government which is a big part of what makes his character so funny. An ongoing joke with him is that he works at the government so he can not do anything and make the government come to an end. When I was looking for clips of Ron Swanson I found a lot of other compilation videos on YouTube so it wasn’t hard to find a bunch of random clips of Ron Swanson and put them together. I went through a handful of different videos and found the ones I thought were funny and put them together using windows movie maker. It was hard narrowing down which clips I wanted to use since they were all so funny.

Arnie in Space (4 star)

arnie in space

Arnold Schwarzenegger was walking down the street one day when a group of young kids began doing a bunch of poor Arnie impressions. “GET TO THE CHOPPER”, “I’LL BE BACK”, they yelled. This struck a chord with Arnold and he said that he has had enough with all of the cliche impressions that people would not let go of. No matter where he went, he couldn’t escape it. People wouldn’t even have a serious conversation with him, they would just say quote after quote. He became engulfed in rage and screamed at the top of his lungs. His rage propelled him through the atmosphere into outer space where he could finally be free of all these bad impressions. Finally, Arnold was at peace and could enjoy life in the solitude of outer space away from all this bad acting.

In this assignment we had to take a close up of a person’s face and place it over a random background image. I wasn’t sure who’s face to use until I saw this picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming, which I thought would be perfect. I figured that outer space would be a pretty random place for him to be since, well, it’s a random place for anybody to be. I found the pictures on google and used the program to crop the images together.

Weekly Summary 10

This week was very interesting. It was fun making different videos and doing some editing. It’s something that I’ve never done before so I am a bit of a novice which probably shows in my videos. I used Windows Movie Maker and a program called Movavi to make all of my videos.

How To Video (4.5 stars)

The first video assignment I did was to make a how to video. I wanted to pic something that went along with our class theme since that was one of the requirements for our week 10 assignments. I made a how to video on how install and use Mozilla X-Ray goggles. This is something that we had to do for our week 8 assignments. I thought this was good because it teaches people how to use the internet to tell a story. To make a desktop recording of my video I downloaded the Movavi program, which was free. I edited with Windows Movie Maker.

Aaron Rodgers Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

For my second Video Assignment I made a highlight reel of different Aaron Rodgers clips. I’m a big sports fan so I was excited to do this. I did the sports mash up assignment last week so I already had some idea of what I was doing. I found the videos on YouTube and put them together with Windows Movie Maker. I added Sabotage by The Beastie Boys because it’s an epic song and Aaron Rodgers is an epic player.

Where do your Shoes take you? (4 stars)

For my last assignment I did where do you shoes take you. I thought this went well with our class since it uses technology to tell a story. I videoed myself walking various places throughout the day. It told the story about what I did with my day. It’s a cool concept because it shows what I did from a different perspective. If everyone did we could see that a lot of people spend their time doing the same things.

Aside from my video assignments we had to do three Daily Creates this week. The first one I did was to make a GIF of somebody walking. I bent the rules a little bit and made a video of somebody dancing, I used a clip from Pars and Recreation where Ron Swanson was dancing that I found on YouTube. The second Daily Create I made was to make a pumpkin spice flavored something. I decided to go with pop tarts because I love pop tarts and they don’t make pumpkin flavored ones (yet).  I colored in the top of the pop tarts orange to make them look they’re in the season. The last daily create I did was to make a story of traveling between two cities. A website generated a list of cities and we went from there. It was cool because there were no rules to this assignment besides to include those two cities. All in all, it was a fun week and I learned a lot about making videos.

Where do your Shoes take you? (4 stars)

For my last video assignment I picked an assignment that one of classmates, Kristin O’Connell, made. Not a lot of people make their own assignments so I wanted to do this one. I also picked this because I wanted to pick an assignment that went along with the theme of the class. I thought this did that well because it tells a story of what I did during my day and this class is about storytelling. I woke up and went and got something to eat. Then went home and did some homework. After that I went out in the garage to work on my project car for a while. Once I got done with that I went for a jog. Finally, I went and sat down at home to write up my post for this and my weekly summary. I thought it was a cool approach to telling a story while making a video that goes along with our week 10 assignments. It was very simple to make, all I had to do was take the videos with my phone and edit the video with Windows Movie Maker. I chose to put Walk This Way by Aerosmith in the video because it made sense since all of the videos were my feet walking.

Aaron Rodgers Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

I did this assignment for one of my assignments this week. We had to pick our favorite athlete and make a highlight reel for them. Last week I did the Sports Mashup assignment where I did a music mash up of different sports plays so this was very similar. I don’t really have a favorite athlete just a lot that I like, so I went with Aaron Rodgers. He’s Probably the best Quarterback in the NFL right now (sorry Pats fans). I used a few different videos I found on YouTube to make this one. There were a lot of good plays to choose from, but I cut it down to tn so the video wouldn’t be too long. I wanted to pick a song that went along with the plays so I picked Sabotage by The Beastie Boys. This is the staple song for people doing awesome and epic things so I thought it fit perfectly. I got the song from Amazon Prime using my handy dandy Prime subscription. I downloaded the file and used Windows Movie Maker to edit it and add the credits and intro.

TDC 11/4

For today’s daily create we had to use a random town generator to tell a story of traveling between two towns. It was kind of hard to do since we were limited by to 140 characters, but I gave it a shot. It was fun because the story could have been about anything we just had to include two town names that were generated for us. Honestly, I don’t really know where my story came from it is completely random and doesn’t have any meaning behind it.

How To Video (4.5 stars)

I chose to do the how to video assignment for one of my video assignments this week. I was looking for an assignment to tie into the theme of our course and I thought this would work well since the course is about using the internet to tell a story. Since we used the Mozilla X-Ray goggles in week 8 I thought it would be good to make a how to video on how to install and use them. This video could be used by others and could be used in other classes. I use instruction videos like this all the time and have always wanted to make one. To make the video I needed a software that would do a desktop recording and record me speaking. I found the Movavi software that was free, but the videos couldn’t exceed 2 minutes. I just went to the Mozilla website installed X-Ray Goggles and did a quick example on an Ebay page. I did the actually editing using Windows movie maker and put the intro and the credits in.

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