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I’m ready for my close up Dr. Seuss remix


One day, Dr. Seuss decided that everyone on Earth had heard his story and he wanted to share them with others.¬† He sent the Cat in the Hat out in search of alien life to share his stories with. The search continues…….

For my second remix I remixed one of the assignments I did this week. For I’m ready for my close up we had to close in on somebody’s face and put it in a random place where they shouldn’t be. For the original assignment I put Arnold Schwarzenegger in space. For the remix¬† I had to “Dr. Seuss” it. I found a close up of the cat in the hat and put him space. I did the assignment the same way as the original. I used MS paint to crop the cat out of its original picture and placed it in the outer space picture.

Arnie in Space (4 star)

arnie in space

Arnold Schwarzenegger was walking down the street one day when a group of young kids began doing a bunch of poor Arnie impressions. “GET TO THE CHOPPER”, “I’LL BE BACK”, they yelled. This struck a chord with Arnold and he said that he has had enough with all of the cliche impressions that people would not let go of. No matter where he went, he couldn’t escape it. People wouldn’t even have a serious conversation with him, they would just say quote after quote. He became engulfed in rage and screamed at the top of his lungs. His rage propelled him through the atmosphere into outer space where he could finally be free of all these bad impressions. Finally, Arnold was at peace and could enjoy life in the solitude of outer space away from all this bad acting.

In this assignment we had to take a close up of a person’s face and place it over a random background image. I wasn’t sure who’s face to use until I saw this picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming, which I thought would be perfect. I figured that outer space would be a pretty random place for him to be since, well, it’s a random place for anybody to be. I found the pictures on google and used the paint.net program to crop the images together.