Aaron Rodgers Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

I did this assignment for one of my assignments this week. We had to pick our favorite athlete and make a highlight reel for them. Last week I did the Sports Mashup assignment where I did a music mash up of different sports plays so this was very similar. I don’t really have a favorite athlete just a lot that I like, so I went with Aaron Rodgers. He’s Probably the best Quarterback in the NFL right now (sorry Pats fans). I used a few different videos I found on YouTube to make this one. There were a lot of good plays to choose from, but I cut it down to tn so the video wouldn’t be too long. I wanted to pick a song that went along with the plays so I picked Sabotage by The Beastie Boys. This is the staple song for people doing awesome and epic things so I thought it fit perfectly. I got the song from Amazon Prime using my handy dandy Prime subscription. I downloaded the file and used Windows Movie Maker to edit it and add the credits and intro.

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