Audio Reflection

I decided to use the Audio Reflection assignment for the audio portion of my final project. I wanted to try to do something that involved a little more creativity, but I felt that this assignment fit best with my project. It is the story of a big part of my life so I wanted it to be sort of like an audio diary. The original assignment was to talk about what brought us to ds106 and why we stayed. I simply switched ds106 to physics and did the assignment accordingly. I thought it was good assignment because it gave me a chance to reflect on myself. I did have a little issue with the recording though. Piece of the vent for the fan on my laptop broke off and is stuck by my fan so it creates a chattering noise that you can hear in the audio. It’s not too bad since I toned it down with audacity. I also put Ballad No.3 by Chopin in for background music.

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