ds106 Advice

Ds106 is probably different that most of the other classes you have taken. It’s a class about blogging and besides that it can really be about anything you want it to be. That’s the glory of this class and is what makes it so different from anything else. Different doesn’t mean easy and there are different challenges you may face. Here are a few of the things I encountered….

Don’t Procrastinate: This is something you will hear a lot in this class so, I might as well start here. This class is a lot if fun ,but there is definitely a workload. You should make sure you work on it daily so you can spread your assignments out. If you wait until the last day you will regret it. Certain assignments have to be done earlier like daily creates. If you have three daily creates to do you have to at the latest start on Wednesday. Make sure you stay on top of this class and don’t get behind.

Be Creative: When I first started this class I wasn’t sure how I should act on my blog. I thought it would be best to act seriously since this is a college course. It turns out I was wrong and the best way to approach this class is to be yourself. Part of the class is about using the internet to tell a story. If you want to tell a good story you have to like the story your telling. The assignments are great ways to express yourselves and it makes the class a lot of fun when you do.

Have Fun: This is a very loose class which means you determine how much you enjoy it. I think if you actually invest time into the projects you can have a lot of fun doing them. It’s interesting to look at everyone’s blogs and see how they are reflections of the authors. The class has weekly guidelines, but how you fill in those guidelines is completely up to you so why not have fun while taking classes.

All in all, this is a great class. It doesn’t ever feel like a chore and it involves a lot of thing that young college students are doing anyways. You will definitely enjoy this class, but you will enjoy it more if you put some effort into it and explore the possibilities.

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