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I finally have the final product for my project and I had a lot of fun making it. My first idea was to make a mockumentary, but that fell through so I had to come up with a different idea. I decided to tell a story about my life as a physics major. For the different media types I went with Audio, Video, Design and Writing assignments. To begin I have an Audio reflection where I talk about what made me want to major in physics starting from when I was young. After that I have a short documentary that discusses life as a physics major. I give a quick tour of the physics department  at UMW and do some interviews with three of my fellow physics majors to get their perspective. I have a word cloud that I made using words from various topics in physics, This helps show some of the content of physics in an artistic fashion. Finally, I wrote a letter to myself ten years in the future discussing what my hopes, fears and dreams are (pertaining to physics). The four different parts show the past, present and future of my life of a physics major and I think they all tie together very well.



Dear Future Matt-page-001

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Your Hopes, Dreams and Fears

This was a fun final project and a great way to tie together all of the different things we learned about int his class. It helped me reflect on myself while creating my digital story, which was great. The video portion was the hardest to make. I used my phone to do all of the recording and edited with windows movie maker. The narrations in the beginning and middle were done using audacity and placed in the movie. I found the images on google and got the music with my amazon prime subscription. The audio portion was done using audacity and the background music was gotten from amazon prime. I used the program to do my word cloud with some inspiration from another student who did the assignment. The writing assignment was done with word and the document was saved as a pdf and embedded in WordPress. This has been a fun class and I have already recommended it to others. I hope everyone enjoyed my project and hope you all have a great break!

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