How To Video (4.5 stars)

I chose to do the how to video assignment for one of my video assignments this week. I was looking for an assignment to tie into the theme of our course and I thought this would work well since the course is about using the internet to tell a story. Since we used the Mozilla X-Ray goggles in week 8 I thought it would be good to make a how to video on how to install and use them. This video could be used by others and could be used in other classes. I use instruction videos like this all the time and have always wanted to make one. To make the video I needed a software that would do a desktop recording and record me speaking. I found the Movavi software that was free, but the videos couldn’t exceed 2 minutes. I just went to the Mozilla website installed X-Ray Goggles and did a quick example on an Ebay page. I did the actually editing using Windows movie maker and put the intro and the credits in.

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