Three Moon Wolf Stories (3.5 star)

I decided to do the Three Moon Wolf story for my last web assignment. I had to go to the comment sections of a product on Amazon or Ebay and write a story about the product. I found a t shirt on amazon that had a picture of a giant sloth climbing the Empire state building like King Kong. I immediately knew this would be a good one. I wrote a story about The sloths heroics and contributions to society that in no way helps the sale of this t shirt. When I was thinking of what I wanted to do I tried to be as sarcastic as possible and create a ridiculous story about a giant sloth, which wasn’t very hard. I tried to tied other famous animals like King Kong and Airbud to make the story seem real. As for creating the story, I basically just looked at the image and wrote the first thing that came to mind. I was surprised at how many people do this for fun. There was a lot of funny stories on the products on amazon. It’s almost become it’s own art form.


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