Weekly Summary

This week in ds106 was spent wrapping up everything with my project. I had 3/4 of it done already so I just had to do my last portion and write my post. It was fun doing the project because it encompassed everything that we learned in ds106. I was doing a story of why I wanted to major in physics and what interests me about it. I wanted to use the different forms of media to show the different portions of my story past, present and future. Starting from when I was young to now and into the future. I think I found the right assignments to do this. I made up my own assignment with the video portion. For the other three I picked Wordcloud, Audio Reflection and Hopes, Fears and Dreams. These fit very well with my project and I thought they worked well. I ended up using a lot of different things that we used in class like Audacity, Soundcloud, Youtube and Flickr. To do editing with my project I used the traditional programs like movie maker and MS word. I think that if I had done this project at the beginning of class it wouldn’t have been nearly as good, so I can safely say that I learned a lot in this class. It’s crazy to think that this class is about to be over as I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Blogging is a great way to put your thoughts into words and express yourself via the internet. I’ve learned a lot about the internet and different types of media. I hope everyone enjoyed this class as much as I did and enjoy your breaks!

Final Project!


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